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    Roofing Contractor Fairfax

    Roofing Contractor Fairfax Finding the right roofing contractor in the Fairfax area starts by putting your ear to the ground and listening to what locals are saying. Not all roofing contractors offer the reliable service and exceptional workmanship you should insist on when it comes to your home’s first defense against inclement weather. STB Remodeling is committed to your complete satisfaction- it all starts with a free home improvement consultation.

    Your free, no-obligation inspection is just another way STB Remodeling shows customers that they come first. This is not a quick glance at your roof to look for missing shingles; its a thorough, indoor and outdoor comprehensive inspection to check for leaking, damage and the underlying causes. STB Remodeling’s experts will inspect:

    - Your home’s foundation
    - Roof deck from the attic’s perspective
    - Drainage in your gutters and downspouts
    - Your chimney and cap for cracks
    - Roof deck on the exterior to check for wood rot
    - Underlayment compromises
    - Roofing materials to check for deterioration, missing, broken or torn shingles or materials
    - Roof valley leaks
    - Flashing compromises
    - Insulation for moisture
    - Ventilation
    - Temperature
    - Interior walls
    - Ceilings

    Your roofing contractor in Fairfax will be able to provide you with the full condition of your home after a thorough inspection, including any problem areas that have been located, and repairs or replacements that have to be made to get your roof back up to code and restored to a condition where it will protect your home from the elements.

    There are many different causes for a leaking roof. Unless you’ve been professionally trained to locate not only the leak, but the cause of the leak, you’ll most likely waste a lot of your own time trying to discover what the problem is. Save yourself the time and hassle and contact STB Remodeling at 703-849-0894 the moment you notice any of the following warning signs:

    - Shingles that are missing, broken, torn, blistered or warped
    - Moss or algae growing on your shingles
    - Cracked tiles
    - Gapping shakes
    - Wood shakes that are warped, split or thinning
    - A roof line that is beginning to sag
    - Areas of your roof that are dark or dirty-looking
    - Water stains in your rafters
    - Ceiling spots of noticeable leaks
    - Energy costs that are soaring
    - Stains on walls inside of your home

    By calling a professional roofing contractor in Fairfax the moment you notice an issue, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Water and moisture damage that goes unchecked under a roof can quickly cause large amounts of damage. A small, affordable repair can turn into a costly roof replacement.

    Many homeowners ignore a leaking roof because they simply can’t afford to pay a contractor at the time. STB Remodeling offers financing options to address this pressing need. Not only are all major credit cards accepted, low monthly payments are another option for qualified buyers. STB Remodeling has partnered with Synchrony Financial to offer affordable financing for your roof repair or replacement as well.

    Let a professional roofing contractor from STB Remodeling in Fairfax come out and provide you with a free, thorough inspection of your roof, along with a free estimate of any repairs needed. Give them a call today at 703-849-0894- you’ll be glad you did! Roofing Contractor Fairfax
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    Roofing Contractor Fairfax
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